Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Owl Baby Shower

I help with a winter owl baby shower for a good friend. I made snowflake sugar cookies and my sister  helped me decorate them.
 I also made these sugar cookies for the Hot Chocolate bar to set on the cups.
We had a Hot Chocolate bar that everyone seems  to love.  There was a variety of toppings including syrup, different flavored marshmallows and chips, and candy canes for stirring. I also made marshmallows pops covered in white chocolate and blue sugar.

 My friend did a great job with the make the all the decorations. I helped make some of them and the favors.

These were made with empty baby food jars. We hot glued the owl and spray painted the top and filled with candy. Didn't they turn out good?

We hand stitched these little mittens and filled with chocolate covered pretzels. 
We cut all these little owls out by hand and attached to mini ziploc bags filled with chocolate covered snowflake pretzels.